almost hot in fact.

I wore only two layers (though a windstop sleeveless fleece doubled as camera padding in the helipack just in case.)

[layer 1] - North Face wicking microfleece
[layer 2] - Westbeach goretex shell

Amusingly enough I wore the exact same layers in val d'isere over the minus nine.

the first two photos don't really show a great deal by themselves but I wanted to illustrate the difference in vistas - the first one is a pretty characteristic top of ski slope photo.

but the second shows how large the mountains around us actually were...and I guess the picnic thing amused me

leave him alone for half a second and gabriel decides to contemplate the meaning of life and global domination.

bottom line - we had an unexpectedly nice two days - day 1 in Le Tour and day 2 in Argentiere, understandably a mecca for many skiers.

The only thing that got to us was the lack of independence - as I said we'd skied in Val etc. where you are 2 metres from anywhere and we'd skied Squaw where you have to have a car - so we had a car.

but this was weird - we were tied to the transfer least the guys running the chalet were a fun bunch of people

some more fun with the camera