this is a sick couloir.

we could see someone had actually bounced down the beginning of it (presumably a roped-up boarder) but it looked completely mental

and the we're skiing much better this year way...

[hey apparently the runout is fine...]

the camelbak worked a treat - go and buy one - and was used every day

here's a shot of gabe, post spag bolo, halfway down argentiere - near a chairlift where we entertained ourselves by playing the time honoured chairlift game.

the objective of said game is to make the chair strike the calves of someone other than yourself.

an interesting photo of me - it's the first example of me changing a photo because of the negative scanner (Nikon Coolscan III) - in the actual photo my head was in the bottom left 8th of the frame.

but 3000 dpi later we can almost see the arnette logo...not to mention a clear reflection of the mountain.

most of the chalet (staff and guests included) went to get wasted on the last night
we went to bed early ready for a big day at aiguille du midi