why do I want to make films ??

just about finished with tarkovsky's sculpting in time which is interesting if a touch contradictory.

I want to tell stories...

but the thing is it's not cause I want to tell stories to other people it's that I wanna be in stories. i don't mean to act I just mean to be able to build little dreamworlds...guess I wanna tell stories to myself

(they say artists are often mad - I'd say they're all just selfish bastards...I don't think they really care about the world at all - they make stuff they think is beautiful - that's why so much of their soul is on those canvases and music sheets - it's the sincerity inherent in this behaviour that the world appreciates)

that's the thing I'm so jealous of spielberg for - the guy reads shit like Peter Pan and gets to build all those sets...how can that not be the coolest thing in the world...

as for all the arthouse stuff - well we've come right round the other side of the spectrum - from corporate to arthouse
hollywood looks down on independents and film students sit there studying eisenstein criticising the shit out of blockbuster movie making. in my opinion they've both got it wrong. make movies for yourself
(see my little interlude above)