The camera records video on mini DV cassette tapes. It's a digital signal and it stays that way although the only outputs are analog. My camera was a PAL model. Fnd out about them at jvc's page

  • Sony DCR-PC2

    PAL model, but hacked DV-in of course (courtesy of datavision) - got the official sony waterproof kit aswell - this is in use from the helicopter pictures onwards

    As usual, the JVC has already served my parents well

  • AITech AIGotcha

    This no-name product captures stills from any video feed - SVIDEO or standard RF - it works quite well - but is not switchable between PAL and NTSC. It is however $100 cheaper than the $300 JVC branded device which works in a similar way. Go to Aitech's site

  • Dazzle

    An MPEG capture card - plugs into parallel port.
    Takes power from the mouse port - so it's fully mobile - and can actually make 25 fps stuff at 320x240 - check out their site
    The videos on this page were originally made on an O2 (sgi) but the skydiving onwards will be with the dazzle.

    oh it also does stills and is PAL/NTSC switchable - so bye bye Aigotcha...you've served me well

    Now I have a USB version of the Dazzle - still waiting for the Cardbus DV kit from Digital Origin

  • Olivetti P120S

    Nice machine. 11.8" screen, 40 MB RAM.
    Lots of addons...

  • Gateway 9100 XL

    Having travelled 'round the world three times over the Olivetti has been gracefully retired to my sister and I acquired one of the most kick-ass machines money can buy - 14.1" screen, 128 MB RAM, 5 GB HD and so on. Stay tuned for edited video produced strictly using a laptop.

  • Gateway 9150 XL

    The workhorse gateway has been upgraded to a PII 400 model (with enough 3D acceleration to run Shadow Company properly). 15" screen, more HD etc etc.

  • Wacom Penpartner USB

    Just cause I like it. see it at it's home page - the Artpad II has been retired up to my parents house in Glasgow - I kept the double rockered pen from the II to use with the penpartner

  • Canon EOS 5

    As of Chamonix - I now have one of these to play with aswell. Eventually I may get a waterproof casing for it - but for the moment it's just used for stills on the beach or the mountain.

  • Ratoc Cardbus Firewire

    One of the earliest to come out with PC-Card IEEE 1394 products - their site.
    I now use it for stills capture - as well as editing in native type 1-DV AVI's. MPEG2 stuff online as soon as bandwidth can hack it - the USB Dazzle has been retired to my parents PC.