ok so finally we did it.

for the record - eva jumped a tandem, gabriel did AFF I, and I of course did AFF I, II, III, IV. we all have video and photos to prove it. the still to the right is (I think) from my AFF II but it's hard to tell. with any luck at all - I should have some stills from the actual skydive video when I get around to dragging my laptop into the living room to connect it to the VCR. (having said that NTSC-PAL-JPG may not look all that great).

first post facto photo - two people very happy to be touching dry land again - as far as I remember we had to race back to LA (those psycho freeways really piss me off cause I get cars passing from both sides) to make it to some dinner or other - I guess it helped to take the mind of things - still - I would've been perfectly happy staying out there.
so the next morning I drag eva out at 7am again (the idea being - arrive at 9am and complete 5 more jumps that day with maybe another five the following day and pass all my levels) - halfway through the day eva had enough - but she commendably survived (or perhaps it was me who did the surviving) 3 more jumps - the third of which I was in solo flight for 30 seconds or so.
nice. surprisingly easy and stable - but nice.

course, now I'm cursed with wanting to (a) fly again and (b) attempt to emulate flying position and manouvres in all manner of places - as illustrated in the photo - location is Mel's Diner - a supposedly stylishly retro joint on sunset.

[a late addition]
finally got a capture card thing - it's called a dazzle and it works surprisingly well - I used it on my P120 which is below their recommended spec and I could still get 25fps PAL playback at 160x120. I could even capture at that speed at 320x240 but my computer wasn't fast enough to play it back...Click on the image on the right to see the video clip of my first freefall skydive - BE WARNED - 4.98 MB of download - 50 seconds of video.

as and when I get to it...