so in common with the greater majority of the non metropolitan area of the US, you gotta drive everywhere. this antique petrol station is about 100 metres from my house - nobody's ever parked there and I don't think it's worked in years.

it sits right between picnics and peaches on baldwin avenue. turning into hana highway we encounter the beautiful view on the drive to kanaha

single carriageway the whole way - nothin' much to do on this road but listen to your stereo and try not to crash into the other bored motorists - but it is unfortunately a daily event - I often speculated whether the inner-city-muscle-car-bullshit- culture of the island was influenced by the fact that everything was so far apart - I mean the most popular public space in town is a gas station
eventually (after 7 miles from home) I arrive at Kanaha beach park - my home break in some manner of speaking - though there is a nearer sailing beach at sprecklesville, kanaha is an easier place to learn wave sailing. there is a video of this sequence available from the video page

course, at some point, I gotta eat too.