despite being 16 million miles away from anywhere with any style or elegance, maui does have Safeway.

24-7, some saving grace. i stock up on my drug of choice - granny smith apples - whenever they run out, which is unfortunately more frequently than one would think.

it's funny how regularly I shop there - I've memorised all the aisles so I just walk straight to where stuff is - city life has never functioned like that for me

eating out was always too big a thing. here however eating out consists of drop out hippie places like the vegan - which is near my house so I have the unfortunate pleasure of smelling their veggie concoctions every time I drive home

in fact I live at the end of that road that you see just behind the vegan.

the only people in paia are hippies and surfers - a bizarrely complementary combination but it functions well as a historical preservative for the town - surfers are too lazy to do anything but surf and hippies are too stoned to do anyhting but exist.

this is my windy day breakfast and lunch - I'm on the beach the whole day so I gotta take stuff that can stay in the truck.

two buns (39 cents), one lump of liverwurst ($1.39), two apples ($1.89 a pound) and some minute maid lemonade stuff (89 cents).

fun fun fun...

you should see the crap I eat for dinner.