so we eventually did decide to go to hana...mark, patterson and me drove in mark's truck I had to drive the way back - around the south side of the island - that took forever. in any case the day started at the haiku cannery
spent the majority of the trip there playing rabid variations on the Kevin Bacon game - Brad Pitt - Rene Russo

Brad Pitt - Morgan Freeman (seven)
Morgan Freeman - Kevin Costner (Prince of Thieves)
Kevin Costner - Rene Russo (Tin Cup)

aaah - so this is what the infamous hana vegetation looks like at high speed out of a car window.

having done the old tourist thing of jumping off bits of seven pools (the lowest of which I recently saw in a goodge st. travel agent - weird - we found a reasonably large waterfall we could walk to

so here are two photos of my full time sailing buddy Mark "my 5.0 is made of duct tape" Krause trying to do shawshanks followed by a photo of one of Mark's Phi Delt buddies Andrew "see I told you I could go upwind" Patterson jumping off places near the waterfall we found. This was the last but one day of a no wind week and about five days away from the end of my second three month stay in maui.

Fortunately, all three of us got wind on our last days on the island - Mark and Andrew on the kihei side, where Mark had the stupidest bad luck in the world and demolished the nose of his board on the last run out, and myself at Kanaha -where everything had started.