this is all the stuff, clotheswise, that I brought with me for three months...doesn't seem like much - the funniest thing is that I have used almost none of it.

I'm in boardshorts all day, every day - I have three pairs of those - plus a softer evening pair of shorts.
I've worn jeans once as well as two of the short sleeved shirts when I go to the cinema - cause it has a 'no shirt no movie' policy.

you can also just see the top of the guitar which I religiously play every day - though I have no idea how long that fad will last - for the moment I am doing fine with about 10 chords - though transitions are still screwing me over
if I rotate around about 180 degrees you see the other side of the hovel that doubles as my room and the desk comes into view.

after installing a second phone line existence became more than bearable as I didn't have to drag the laptop to the living room every time I wanted to check email - now the routine goes back to the London/NY routine of wake up, switch computer on, go to toilet while it boots, get dressed while it dials up the isp, answer emails, have breakfast.

in a creative fit of boredom relief in the first week of arrival I butchered an old Neil Pryde 4.7 Combat Wave (it was my favorite sail last year but I destroyed it here the first time I went out - funnily enough the second time I decided to try my first forward loop and promptly demolished a 5.3 Vertigo - at least the combat wave stayed in one piece) to make curtains for the the room some level of ambience at least.

all these photos was taken very early on - I've since acquired a double bed, printer and stereo to add to the decor. the stereo makes working in the evening possible since walkman's confuse me if I'm not in motion cause I feel like I'm missing out on the surroundings whereas the fan makes a very annoying noise.