MAUI - again [doubles as a simple travellers guide]

last year (1996) I came here from Feb 14th the May 14th. this year my valentine's day flight took me to squaw valley so maui had to wait till April 24th. so much for thinking it would be windier then...however more on this point later. (you can of course click on all the images)

of course this year I actually work here...or did I

the first thing one should do on arriving is find accomodation and transportation. I was pretty lucky cause I ended up living at the first place I walked to witha bunch of french windsurfers - and I bought a truck from an english guy I lived with last year.

day to day life on maui...what do you do on a tropical island after you get up. something like this. course, that would be a windy day, of which we've had only a few so far.

not that I wish to rain on maui's parade as a windsurfers paradise but it's really sucked so far.

that said (which was written a week or so ago) today (june 9th) was one of the windiest days I have seen here. easily overpowered on a fully downhauled 4.7 and a tiny wave board. and I weigh a finally some sailing stuff so here's some of my more regular no-wind alternatives on the north side of the island as well as the tourist laden hotel giants of the south side

and yes - I finally did get around to hana this time - I even went up the haleakala - though it was at night and none of the footage showed up on the camera.

oh by the way this is me

hardware used in the production of these photos

other pearls of wisdom can of course always be here.