• Olivetti P120S - 11.8", 40 MB

    I have this thing packed to the gills with all the software I'll ever need...fun fun fun...

    course it has a 33.6 Sportster PCMCIA - in fact the very first domestic purchase I made was an additional phone line - it was only $60...that made me sane - I didn't have to drag the laptop into the living room to send attachments.

  • Canon BJC 240

    only cost $150 at Office Max - funny how the quickly the myth of the paperless office can die

    I kept trying to refer to more than two documents I had written previously whilst writing a third one. try doing that without printouts. I just had to buy it.
    Plus I get to make stupid stickers.

  • Nokia 2190

    wireless wireless...

    if I had my way it would have been a 9000 but no 9000 PCS phones were available when I checked. Now if only US Robotics would use its 3Com expertise to make a cell connection for the Pilot I would truly be in business

    if I take the laptop to the beach it will die a sandy and salty death in a matter of weeks.