not surprisingly in the slightest - this means go to the beach - there isn't as many as you'd think - I count 5 proper beaches on the seven mile drive between my house and kahului

this one is my home beach. it takes me exactly 3 minutes to walk to it - so if I haven't touched the water all day I often go for a swim just around sunset - which is probably exactly when this picture was taken

this is paia bay.

no windsurfing allowed, but I'm learning to surf - bought a cheap mini tanker for $75. it's a gentle break so it's easy to learn on - should be progressing to hookipa or tavares any time now.
the other side of the hana highyway leads me past haiku and towards one of the main tourist attractionof the north side - twin falls - this is the smaller of the two falls

course the tourists don't tend to jump off of them.

this sequence is also available on the video page