as and when I get to it.

june 21.

pretty regular sailing day. though I got some weird flu. made a stop motion thing of rigging the other day - just in case you have no idea of what this equipment looks like (sail, mast, boom, mastbase, mastfoot, board). the sail in the clip is a 5.3 zeta, and the board is an 8'6" HiTech waveboard. anyhow like I said this stuff was taken at Kanaha (oh for that grassy rigging area at sprecks) - though I spent the better part of the day at hookipa.

this is the view from just below the road - most every windsurf video in the world is shot from just below here. the main break is straight out (h'poko), the channel is slightly to the left and lanes is a little further over towards mama's. this day was not particularly wavy though some nice sets did come in

contrary to sprecks, hookipa does have a small amount of grassy rigging area, a stone's throw away from the narrow launch. the gear gets lighter by the year but even the stuff that I sail on (i.e. not superlight styro boards that cost $1000+) can easily be carried like this - even for longer distances.

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