the launch area is about 10-15m which is almost never a problem cause you don't get a bunch of beginners waiting for gusts here. if the waves are really big and it's not too windy you can't sail straight out - you have to use the channel - as it was that day you can see that you could virtually plane off the beach

stephan lacasa - a french sailor who I rented a room from this year - works a wave from a rare head high set (timpone, north and rusty provide the extras)

the timpone board is in two pieces as of yesterday.

this big dog kept interfering as I was trying to shoot some video so I finally decided to let it in on the action - wonder if I can make it like Rhonda Smith Sanchez' dog and teach it to sail.

another shot of mr. lacasa doing a small floater on an even smaller piece of whitewater.

my kingdom for a big north swell.
they say maybe in a couple of days....but then they always say maybe in a couple of days.
even more sailing