in case you thought everything as glum and dreary - here's a sunny day spent on the south side - ok so I tell a slight lie - laniapoko is on the west side of the island - towards Lahaina - i spent a day surfing there

perhaps more accurately described as standing up and falling down off my longboard.

said item is the red thing visible in the forefront of the photo leaned inconspicuously against the tree

the real south side.

the grand wailea hotel - many will say the most elite hotel complex in the whole of the US - this thing is huge - the American Express office is inside or else they would never let me park out in front

this is a view from within the reception area onto a section of one of the many gardens

swimming pool with sea water - complete with fat midwest man inside

nothin' like stereotypes.

still I guess for some people it's cooler to have a fake waterfall than to find a real one - the thing that confuses me is that you'd expect hotel companies to fake hawaii elsewhere - not fake hawaii on hawaii....hmmm