I bought a truck (an '84 ford ranger v6) which I think is completely hilarious.

ok so it's totally rusted but the engine runs quite well and it originally cost only $600. hmmm... well I admit I had to put $800 dollars into getting all the brakes redone but that's it so far. here's a close-up of said brakes - for a period of about two weeks the only non-rusty part of the truck.
other notable features include the fact there is a working stereo inside - wired up by yours truly and a full rack on the back - I put loads of padding on that so the boards don't get dinged.

the only part of the truck that locks is that red box on the side - when I sail I keep my keys, wallet and whatever else inside - solves the perennial windsurfers "Where do I put my keys ?" problem quite neatly though cause there is a combination lock on it.
here's another side view of the truck - this time parked ouside my house. only the driver's side door opens from outside and inside - the passenger is required to roll down the window (using a pair of pliers - since the normal roll down handle thingy is broken) and open their door from outside. hey...I don't get many passengers.
you can see the padding on the back of the truck quite clearly here - held down with duct tape - the generic glue for all ills.
this seems like a suitable time to list the equipment the truck contains- since the two boards are clearly visible here