mark was a little late getting to the party so this was almost in danger of being a team starfox deal - courtesy of a cramped double room week in paia and a rented N64

nonetheless here's a rare still of the three us together - nick on camera, mark swimming with his kit and olly with his trademark move

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Mark Krause
aka bambam
aka Lupton Pitmann

Mark's most recent whereabouts were Las Vegas and Colorado - he is currently thought to be at large in LA, trying to juggle cocktails and dreams...

Here we see him filling up gas - which we all suppose is a task he can return to in his beloved Rhode Island if plans of stardom fail to materialise

Nick Bicanic
aka Slippy

Nick is currently in London - researching life in the real world.

The picture shows proof that despite three years of near constant resistance he did in fact make it to the top of Mount Haleakala.

Oliver Smalley
aka Peppy

Always living just outside the law, the famous windsurfing bounty hunter Oliver 'Mad Dog' Smalley says it again - "I've just lost my kit and everything..."

Currently in Paia until late '98 olly had better be an amazing sailor or we'll give him shit forever.

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