it was a 5.0 day for most mere mortals so me an Olly rigged our 5.7's (mine's a rave) and proceeded to fool around in the slight southerly swell. be advised that some of the following pictures are scanned photos and others come from the frame grabber - which explains the quality variation

the picture on the right is just the beginning of a basic carve gybe on port tack - this is my weaker side but it's getting better all the time - it's harder to gybe on the inside on account of the swells that push you around on starboard tack

an early heli tack attempt on the left - I push the rig around but I don't stay on the board - though of course you wouldn't know it from the picture.

a little donkey kick to finish the page off - this move will (eventually ? hopefully ?) turn into a table top - I just have to disregard the health of my ankles and shove the board upside down.

some more of the same session