olly screams past the camera and hits of a trademark endo forward off a rolling section.
he is the candyman.

sponsor shot - the carve gybe - olly lays it down for the cameras
bears off into a trademark endo forward, a relaxed one hander and a port tack donkey kick backside aerial [yee hah]

near death moments were few and far between as our heroes raced along the north shore of maui - this however was one such moment - taken from the maui news

as o. smalley (22) took a small ramp for one of his many trademark
endo forwards he noticed n. bicanic (24) out of the corner of his eye.
he continued his loop and almost killed n. bicanic in the process. by his
own admission he thought "fuck it. I'll just sheet in and power it 'round"

needless to say it makes for one of the best stills of the trip - for what it's worth - I was fully zoomed out - olly landed 1 metre away from me.