with olly forcing the tempo this year I sailed longer than ever before, often staying out for sessions as late as 7.30 pm - which despite the imminent shark danger [on account of how they feed at night] felt really good - I learned quicker and felt more motivated to work when I got back to the house because I felt that I'd improved...
olly cruises in a late session - steve ups the ante with a forward...nick responds with a....gybe ??

if you saw the jumpgybe page, you'll see what I was trying - this photo shows olly stylin' it as its meant to be - notice the left foot just across the centreline in front of the mast

steve and olly worked on their ducktacks - here's an early one of steve's

an amusing detail in the distance is the airborne kitesailor - there's more of them than ever before as it appears to be in danger of becoming a real sport - there's even another kitesailor in the water right in front of steve.

more sailing