where windsurfers put their keys you can see oliver smalley demonstrate in this still from a car packing manouvre

this was the evening oly and renata left to go back - it was 7.30 pm and we were the last left in the car park
I needed to return some gear for renata so we piled it all in the jeep

[at this point the jeep had four boards, eight sails, two masts and a boom...]

note the reason the pictures (of oly, renata and yuri) look bad is that it was almost pitch black - I'm amazed the camera picked out anything at all...

didn't film any sailing this time around because there wasn't enough time - but the sailing certainly went well - landed my first willy skipper as well as (finally) doing a planing body drag, landing my jumpgybes dry on starboard tack, starting to try them on port...tacks are getting better...as well as of course...the waveriding...

[oh I almost forgot...one evening driving back to paia I saw a moonbow - I'd never seen one before]