leave me alone...I just wanna do forwards...
mark takes to the air for some light relief. three weeks before we'd arrived the beach was closed for two days because of a shark attack.

there's an accepted belief amongst surfers that sharks attack cause you remind them of turtles or seals with your legs dangling off the board.

and we decided to bob up and down trying to catch each other doing shit on film...in the same place as that guy was attacked...that was a bright idea.

here's our two resident idiots - one grinning maniacally, the other taking some air on a small starboard ramp.

just after we switched places mark caught the latter part of this tabletop

the tan was building up...and the old thermo form was still working just fine

although we kept trying to get shots of forwards, the conditions (coupled with our fear - though not of the sharks) kept us away from this endgame for now.

instead here's another shot of my gear (RRD Cult Wave + Simmer Onshore) and one of mark jumping into the evening...

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