late nights were quite a regular event - oly got me into the habit last year, but on a two week trip we were especially keen to sail as much as possible.

at about 5pm or so most of the tourists clear out and only the regulars and locals are left on the water.

for some reason we all seemed to sail better then.

the boys...holding up one of oly's boards for the camera.

packing up shit in the carpark in pitch darkness was a recipe for disaster since a mast extension or two were bound to be left behind - we would point the jeeps' headlights into the rigging area to prevent this.

more things to velcro onto my dash (a tiny EQ from Fry's in LA)

mark taking it easy before a post sailing cinema visit - an interesting aside is that we learned to hotwire these jeeps using just a swiss army knife...

yes yes...there's more