bought a book on advanced origami at borders and folded bits of paper in the evening - I can only do a few things - but as usual it feels good learning new skills.

these two are total origami cliches - the crane - which supposedly represents peace or some such shit.

the paper was a bitch to fold cause the damp air in haiku softened it.

these aren't hugely good photos but the beginning of the book had loads of practical origami things (they left the birds and fishes for the end)

the square box has slanted base, made by legs it can stand on - whereas the triangular box actually closes up properly

these two were my favorites - super easy to fold, but the boxes are doubled up and as such really strong - even with the normal printer paper I was using.

the little crane needs a long and thin piece of paper - but can work off a regular size post-it.

hmmm...yes ok nothing to do with origami - but the day after I went to sports authority to get an ankle strap (seems like I buy the same one every year - on a totally unrelated note - the churn in hawaiian retail staff is absolute zero) I saw this huge water pistol - and decided I had to buy it.