we got a lot of good footage (and stills) by filming in front of bob's house, just round the point of kooks beach.
it was an awesome launch, but the wind got weird on the inside towards the end of the day.

picture shows palm trees by the launch, and me halfway through a 360...

I tried a couple of one-handed 360s (thorp specials) and made it round on a few - but they're still not particularly clean.

oly (K50) kicks out a port side vulcan - all the more challenging in these marginal conditions

mid-filming an R44 turned up (it later turned out to be following the Team around on their slalom gear) - I was surprised by how low it went, so I filmed some of it, albeit from afar - next year I'll be flying it.

trying 360s definitely improved my carving - as I made one-handed gybes more easily on both tacks.

a common site on (and off) the water in maui, the hawaiian shaka.

any laydown sail attempts have the potential to end like this photo, with the sailor getting flicked over the front of the board as the mast strikes the water - the chop on the inside didn't help.

this is actually best appreciated as a video sequence...might well get around to doing all the old videos as divx's sometime soon...