don't have much of a clue as to what we really did for two weeks.
I sailed a bit, slept a bit, we watched a few shitty movies (the musketeer, made, traffic) and one good one - joe dirt...and just wandered around absorbing the americana.

you'd think that things on maui wouldn't appear whacked out after spending more or less 12 months here over a few years but they still a big way.

picture shows me and andrew at the doors of that retail clothing mecca - ross dress for less

andrew was keen to do some tourist oriented things, and this involved getting up about 6am (twice) - so no surprise that I don't do this kind of stuff at all.
this trip was interesting in so far as I'd never driven to La Perouse bay - you drive to makena and then keep going another 5 miles of single track road with lots of blind corners.

picture shows the lava fields over which the road is paved, taken through the wing mirror...

this is just a random thing that sent us into fits of laughter when we saw it - fortunately the camera was to hand...

IBJAMN - EOS 5, Kodak MAX 24/400, 80mm f8 250

stay tuned for riocar and some other tweaks...