I had never flown any non-pilot passengers before but it felt completely normal

the R44 we flew in was totally out of track so at times it vibrated like crazy as we took of from Kahului airport.
we flew over kihei and wailea and then started climbing towards the summit.

the picture on the left is a profile of me, with the wailea coast visible in the distance, while on the right is wailea a day later.

flying through holes in clouds was very interesting - and while not quite within UK PPL(H) rules - it was also exciting.

this is a still from a video sequence of a flight around haleakala (we went up as far as 9800 feet above sea level, which is as high as I've ever flown a Robinson)

we then autorotated down - again through a hole in the clouds.

along the way we passed by waterfalls, close to loads of lush forested ridges and valleys and into gulleys.

then we got to hana.

from hana to paia I flew at about 50 to 75 feet above the ocean which was a lot of fun.

it was just below the level of the cliffs which helps keep the noise level down for the houses that are nearby.

but it also looks excellent...