the girl in the photo is Wendy Salvador
it's a shoot on kite beach for zoom zoom magazine, some Mazda users thing...
(the photos were taken by Adam)

the wind was light but also a little gusty - so it was by no means a good day to be learning on.
the verdict still stands though - kitesurfing is really easy compared to windsurfing

the shoot was organised by Angela from Hawaii Sports Models.

we were given a basic kite lesson and Adam just kept snapping away at us holding different parts of the kite.

eventually we both got on a board on the water but prior to that we were in the amusing position of getting flipped over onto the sand

one key difference between this and windsurfing is - a lot more power...

in the position shown on the photo on the left I'm about to let go because there's no way I can muscle the kite through its power zone - quite surprising since in the old days you could easily do that with stacked 6 foot Flexifoils

this last photo was taken in Kimo's in Lahaina by Shawna Cropas.

Guy and Shawna were on a doing a travel story about Maui, but sadly got next to no wind.

somewhat embarrassing for the supposed mecca of the windsurfing world but this spring has been absolutely rancid as far as wind speed is concerned...