Dan Spencer - painter and financier extraordinaire...
he spent the day at this port tack sailing spot lulling in the water while the rest of us sailed circles around him.

he didn't like that very much.

however he landed a cool move the following day to make up for it.

andy pusch is a pro freestyle sailor - here seen going into a spock...

it felt very strange sailing port tack for the first time ever - but it's slightly windier here when the wind blows lightly from the north so I'm sure we will return.

this was the most ridiculous thing either me or dan had ever seen.

I'm driving along the highway at 40 mph and the car suddenly just stops - for no known reason.
much head scratching later we established that the entire cable conduit had somehow wrapped itself around the driveshaft of the car (yes - that's the driveshaft) and basically ripped itself to bits.
we reconnected all the wires with duct tape and drove away again...

strange stuff.