it's funny sailing with camera gear on.

it's not as easy as you may think because in addition to all the usual stuff you do while sailing you have to hit the trigger to take the picture and try and do a nice smile at the same time.

when I started putting the 35mm camera on the nose of the board I knew it was going to be a question of luck since I couldn't see exactly where the camera was pointing.

I also knew that at any point a hard fall or catapult could demolish the equipment - but it was a risk I took to try and get some nice photos.

I always shot at least one or two shots before I got out on the water to ensure the camera was winding properly (I could just see the frame counter through the ewa-marine housing.

the composition of the shot got better as I went along - because I jury-rigged little hop up kits for the camera once I realised what was actually in the frame

later that same day there were some waves at lower kanaha but hardly any wind so I went out with the video camera to catch some air.

here's a couple of stills from those sequences - one of which has been rotated so the horizon points in the right direction.

the camera is a (now stolen) DCR-PC2 with a Raynox 0.3x semi-fisheye adapter. (the horizon is slightly twisted around because I cannot mount the camera easily in such a way that everything is level - and the black ring is cause by the wide angle being so extreme the edges of the case are caught...kudos to Ewa-marine for trying to help me sort this out....stay tuned) next bit.