these are by no means a 'best of' selection but I quite liked them as they all reminded me of certain days or incidents so they deserved inclusion.

on the left is a helmet mount shot of an aerial on one of the rare wavy and windy days in late November 2001.

on the right is me, pretending to be Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf, on top of John's car and gear at Kanaha.
Not for sale - Paia Beach Movies - the final chapter has yet to be written on these events but they are all fond memories, painful as they were at times to setup, both for me and for the people I drafted in to help.

John's camera (with wide angle adapter) captures the scene slightly before the beginning of a screening - with moonlight illuminating the 25 foot white screen, surrounded by palm trees.

the photo on the right, on the other hand, shows me shortly after getting elbowed during a basketball game, with some obvious sub-cutaneous bleeding.

and this is another side of the magic.

the Not For Sale t-shirts proved quite popular, especially the girly cuts - all were made on the carousel at Island Kine designs in the Pauwela Cannery by Pete, Tammy and co.

geek note to moneysavers, note two screens on one - with the black (Paia Beach Movies) going on the back of the shirt and the red (Not For Sale - outline) going on the front.