gus complained that I was "just sailing along" in the magazine shot that got published so after I did a few more smiles like that (on port tack this time) I decide to film a few body drags...

one of the shots came out looking superb with the slight blur on the spray adding to the effect - unfortunately the rest of the shot is water since the camera was pointing slightly too far forward.

nonetheless it's one of my favourite shots - as is the next bodydrag below.

this one was taken from the nose on port tack.

there's slightly too much spray for my liking since you can't see my face but the photo still works because the spray mixes in with the clouds for an interesting effect.

here's one of oly looking pissed off and a few more select shots - mid gybe on the inside (mast mount), getting ready for another session, and just sailing along (again) off the nose. one last one.