the last day in maui for a while.

but it was packed with stuff - I hadn't packed yet and my flight was at 9pm - but I was determined to shoot another roll of film and we got some waves just in time.

I went out on the wave board for the first time in what seemed like ages - and although the camera was off angle yet again I had fun trying to shoot big jumps - and just generally see if the camera could stand up to a more hard core workout.
i really liked the top right shot because of the clear reflections of the board in sail - if I had more control over the composition an incredible photo could exist here - but even the real pro photo guys tell me it's mostly a question of luck with mounts.

the left hand shots shows me gybing onto a wave (the tape on my left hand is clearly visible as I sliced my hand open on a bare piece of aluminium holding the camera onto the mast.

as for the right - well check out this video of a mast mount forward loop

here's another shot of me a fair few metres in the air...a lovely view at the rest of the sailors and the whitewater down below

and lastly a little bit of wake to remember everything by.

team weasel strikes again.