by the time I first arrived at Kona airport I'd been to kahului a number of times but it still struck me as amusing - since it was an international airport with thatched huts for gates.
the picture doesn't really convey what it looks - but you can at least see how close the jets are to the passengers sitting in the shade.

as for the other picture - one jet taxiing, a single squirrel overhead and one jet taking off - amusing to be in slightly busier airspace

two OH-58 kiowa warriors fly low level nearby as I was getting ready - there's a lot of military helicopter activity in the hawaiian islands - I regularly see Black Hawks and Hueys when sailing in the evening

the picture on the right is the back of the helo that I was about to fly in - in the distance you can see a chinook being pre-flighted...interestingly I later autorotated around that chinook about 50 feet away from it...

my ride for the day - Seven Eight R22 with a noisy fan belt but other than that it was great fun to be flying again.

look at the blue sky - talk about VMC flying - Kona is on the northwest coast of the Big Island (the island actually called Hawaii) - there's very little there but there is an active volcano - which I shall soon be flying around...and there's some phenomenally clear weather.