I decided to add some custom components into felix.
nothing performance enhancing, just cool stuff that amused me.
the jury's still out on the dukes of hazzard horn kit but the chrome pedals are in.

and the color coordinated blue leather race steering wheel has been bolted on by yours truly.
amusingly I broke one of the bolts from the steering wheel puller when I was getting the old one off - but I figured it all out in the end.

the steering wheel picture also shows the carbon fibre gearshifter cap...

this is an amazing toy.
it's an empeg (bought by Rio recently but still here) - an in-car mp3 player with a 20GB harddrive - line-outs and ethernet/usb in.
it has no rival.
the mounting was surprisingly easy so I chose to do it myself...

the only problem is joe likes to hog the remote - as you can see on the right (he also found his own seatbelt)

a slightly scary sign to see anywhere in the world...but a little worse when it's next to a windsurfing beach.

this photo shows what happens when most of the tourist leave the beach at around 5pm and the hardcore locals are left behind to sail into the sunset.
I took the photo from the car just as I'd walked off the water to finish the day at 6.30pm - the funniest thing of all is that the sunsets look like this almost every day...
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