this was gus taylor's baby (he's shown in the photo giving it his all, and while he got a lot of the moves' names wrong - his four hour running commentary provided everyone with a few laughs).

the event's popularity surprised everyone - at one time there were almost 100 people watching - which is more than can be said of any of the racing events.
right hand photo shows the judges tent and part of the audience.

the heats were 5 minutes long with a 2 minute transition (in the case of an event like this where the sailing area is right next to the beach, transition simply means a 2 minute delay).
there were two buoys marking the trick area on the inside - and sequences of tricks were scored by three judges.
it was a double elimination contest so everyone got to sail a few heats.

photos show team weasel on the water and in the air as an early mistimed pirouette gybe goes wrong.

this is sid - and english guy who was in two of my heats.

I felt very uncomfortable the first few runs and I thus sailed very badly in the pro contest (they ran a simultaneous pro and amateur contest - though it can hardly be called pro since none of the good pros were really there.

I stuck all my vulcans but not a whole lot else - so I'll be working on doing things on the inside...

part deux