the amateur heats went much better (even though it was more or less the same sailors)

I won the first heat and I think I should have advanced in the second but there you go.
bodydrag on the left and a boomerang in shallow water on the right.

the guy in the baseball hat below is the windsurfing legend known to us all as Darby, and the short haired kid standing next to him is Jan - I sail with Jan a lot - he ended up winning the amateur contest and should have won the pros too.
his last name is Savay - look for his and mine on the score board photo below.

fortunately for Jan - the grubby - which he'd recently started nailing - worked for him in a few heats and it was the highest scoring move of the day.
the first photo below shows how crowded it got in the heats (4 men sailing simultaneously - 2 advanced) - I'm doing a vulcan, the guy on the left is doing and aerial duck gybe and in the middle a guy is doing a flat water forward loop.

the other photos (in order) show me trying a grubby, saying hello and doing a forward loop and a helicopter tack.