so ever since I put the still camera on the mast I wanted to do the same with the video camera.
the lens is slightly wider angle than the one used by the 35mm camera - but I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing.

the camera stays on the entire time I sail - so I just do stuff and hope for the best.

and another vulcan - but this time we also have a video clip (realvideo G2) for everyone to see

on the video it's hopefully clearer what a vulcan actually entails - you can clearly see that I hop the board around the mast.

the photo on the right shows an amusing angle on a forward loop - I am about halfway around the rotation - it's no suprise these are scary to learn when you consider the blue stuff is water and the white stuff sky.

interestingly you do not need to make the entire rotation to sail away from a forward loop - for example in this photo I am clearly under-rotated (clearly insofar as I am under water - which is not the general idea.

however so long as you get the sail out of the water you can sail away without taking your feet out of the straps.

believe it or not this other shot is an untouched video capture - I was driving to Borders and I saw this sunset view out of my rear view mirror so I stopped and took a picture of it.

this is just a taster.

the long black thing you see attached above my boom is another boom arm - with the still camera attached on the end

we are still trying to figure out how to stop the boom arm moving around because the leverage is so great....but it should be good.