I suppose in theory all freestyle sailing is in some ways training for a competition because you're basically working on tricks all the time. All these shots were taken at Kanaha - the photo on the left looks like a normal gybe but is actually me winding up for a pirouette gybe (a normal gybe but you just pirouette on the board as you flick the rig - I've only made one nicely so far)

the other is a vulcan, which I'm making all the time now. in fact I've even (20th June) landed my first clean spock - so photos and explanations of that to come.

this particular move is called a boomerang - it involves sailing along and throwing the sail slightly into the wind.

the sail falls towards the water and then (as if by magic) the wind picks it up again and puts it into your hands.
needless to say this sometimes results in some amusing crashes - and the uninitiated think you've simply dropped your sail in the water

click here for an animated clip of it - be advised it's a 1.1 MB file

forward loops.

yet again.

yes I am thinking maybe.

the ramps that I need to pull these off are getting smaller and smaller.
which is good - if a little painful at times.

the other sailor in this picture is Jan - who you'll be seeing more of later.