we had a 14 full days of no wind and nothing much was happening - but then all the buses came at once, as the saying famously goes.

felix got his license plate - which he is very proud of. regardless of the rules, Maui DMV is never getting this plate back.

I decided to respray all the scratches aswell as a christmas present for him - so felix will be as good as new.

although some days were obvious washouts (no wind anywhere on the north shore) on others we would come down to the beach for an hour or so before we called it quits.

'Dan Spencer' the action figure in his office [comes complete with Screw Gun Accessory (tm)] - on one such day, and a nice shot of the walk to our regular launch.

the big news was that with Alex' help and the complete meteorological fluke of a rainless evening - PAIA BEACH MOVIES was born on November 30th - the movie was The Princess Bride - attendance was small but marked - and will get better soon.

Shots show the sand volleyball court where everybody was sitting, aswell as the screen itself - plywood and frame, 20 feet diagonal measure, 16:9 viewable ratio.
next time I will take more photos/video - the premiere night was somewhat hectic.

more day to day life in paia - Anthony's coffee house - a place I often frequent for breakfast, although I inevitably order the same thing (2 plain toasted bagels with butter)
it's a lovely place, but their orange juice sucks.

and just in case you got bored, another shot of felix, this time parked on the side of the highway in paia.

that same highway (hana) showing just how small paia actually is - I did not move between these two photos - just rotated by 180 degrees.

ok so it does go a little up the hill and little towards the ocean but basically that's it - this is where it all happens....not...

I can however get mail, gas, food and all other living necessities within 100 yards of the place this picture was taken.