we had an excellent day doing forwards and riding waves at lowers...and then of course when I went to get the camera - the wind died.

the left hand picture shows my 5.3 Zone and my 258 MPE RRD.

on the right is Tom doing a small jump next to some tourists.

just as the sets came the wind would drop off - but it was still possible to get some rides in, though nowhere near as long as a few days ago.
it was fun to be out with the ewa-marine casing again since the sony was essentially big and annoying, though arguably more hardcore.

tom pulls into a head high shoulder on the left and attempts what he claims is a jumpgybe on the right.

after I cracked the nose of the wave board aswell (the freestyle was cracked on day 2 of its use) I got two good runs in before we packed up for the day.

the sequence shots show an off the lip from one of those runs - on a gentle wave at lower kanaha.

immediately after this we had to walk back to the car park cause I couldn't plane for shit.