day 2 of waterproof camera action.

tom jumps into some big endo forwards at lowers.
it was a weird day to be doing forwards since most people weren't even planing - I was on my 5.9 and freestyle board - but it was a good learning experience.

since the camera's in a waterproof casing it has to stay on autoexposure - and you can see the difference between the shots here and the ones of me immediately below - even though it's the same time of day.

both attempts rotated fully around but the one on the right was so close I could taste it. I hit the water bolt upright and just fell back unnecessarily.
waterstarted out both feet on board.

any day now.

didn't try many vulcans but something tells me they'll both happen on the same day.

this is of course me with my new haircut and three day old beard.

tom throws out a backloop to end the day.

stay tuned for more freestyle action soon - especially when we attempt to mount the camera on the boom or the mast...

annoyingly on this day I both landed a vulcan into a pile of jellyfish and folded my ankle playing basketball...ouch...