ok so it's a little untidy but note the ikea open wardrobe with alternating colour/white rolled up t-shirts.
apparently my house now looks like a cross between abercrombie and fitch and sharper image...

all the day to day maui wear is in the open cupboard (for which I made an extra shelf at the base with alex) - the small shelf under the stairs contains non-water based fitness kit.
the wardrobe under the stairs is mostly jackets and other stuff that isn't frequently worn.
the bed is upstairs.
slightly further over - this corner will change the most soon since the home cinema kit will go here.

that means a projector and three more speakers - to complement the two stereo speakers (one of them visible here) and the subwoofer - the big black thing in the centre.
at that point I'll ditch the TV too since the new digital cable (1.2 mbps internet access and 150 channels) has an S-video out

this is the work area looking from the kitchen.

the desk is made from a door and clearly visible in addition to the furniture and the lights are in no particular order

Canon BJC-50
T21 thinkpad
Lacie 16 GB external firewire drive (ok it's not visible but I know it's there)
Logitech Cordless trackman marble
Musical Fidelity X-A2
Stokke Balans back chair
A ridiculously ugly de-humidifier (the white thing next to the amp)
Vew-do balance board
Helicopter cyclic/collective/pedals control

phew...that's it (and that's not including loads of other crap in the drawers...)