I went to whistler again to get my ski instructor level 1 certification...it was a lot more fun than I thought.

the day after I got back, Julia Deutsch was doing a shoot for a german windsurf magazine that she let me sneak into. the light wasn't ideal but with a bit of boosting in photoshop the pictures didn't come out all that bad.

they were taken at baby beach (from the beach, 800mm lens)

the jump (top left) and the backloop are my favourite shots.

I don't make the backloop, though I do make the vulcan on the outside.

the photo of the waveride is cute but I'm seconds away from getting trashed by the wave...better luck next time.

although this shot is out of sequence - it illustrates what felix looks like when fully packed with all the beach movies gear.

the projector, dvd player, UPS, tarp and chain hooks and other assorted accessories are in the front. the screen is in the back.

this is the mark II version of the screen - with IKEA like wing nuts not requiring power tools for assembly.