this is joe.

he looks after felix, my truck.
he likes trident original flavour chewing gum, and he carries his surfboard with him everywhere.

some people think he's just a stuffed toy shark, but he's real.
in fact when he hears people saying he's just a toy he likes to drive felix all over them.

he's a surprisingly good driver given that he can't sit properly because of his dorsal fin and his feet can't reach the pedals.

a picture of joe in the drivers seat, about to run over some poor hapless loser.

note that he's sitting on the vinyl lined aloha seat covers.

I get on with joe well because we have the same taste in music and food.
also he protects me from other sharks

there was no wind anywhere on the island apart from hookipa so we sailed there - while andrew took some photos.

although it's just a small jump, it just goes to show why pro photographers shoot from that very spot...the lighting is great and compositions are easy with a 200 or 300mm lens.