what is Team Weasel ?

I am often asked this and many other questions and I struggle to put the answers into words.
It is difficult, nay impossible, to overstate the importance to the windsurfing community, and in fact the world as a whole that Team Weasel has had.
It is both and honour and a privilege to be associated with them.
How can this be ?

John W. Smalley (ACA) and Nick Bicanic formed Team Weasel with the humble goals of finding a cure for cancer, increasing world peace and making 40 cents on the dollar.

They plan to do this through multiple loopings. (on both tacks)
This is a shot taken with the 35mm camera that's normally inside the waterproof case - I was just finishing off a film used on the deck mount (the first iteration of which was total shit.)

Better photos will follow - but for now - here's a sequence taken from DV footage shot by John in Kihei
It's an upwind 360.

[and no you cannot click on the images in the sequence to make them bigger]