so finally some pictures of the mount - both taken in the kanaha car park.

the butchered boom is a 2001 aluminium Neil Pryde wave boom. one arm is completely cut off and the other is shortened. a metal U-bolt connecting to a small piece of clear polycarbonate completes the assembly.

the camera just sits on top of the plastic in a waterproof casing - the four white slots are used to hold cable ties in place.

suggested modifications will be a bent boom arm to move the camera further away from the sailor - coming soon

in the meantime, I've built a bigger screen for my house - this one is a 100 inches diagonal - high density cotton cloth stretched over 1/4 inch plywood backed by 2x4's for stiffness.
this thing rocks - I'm sure I could get some super reflective materials for thousands of dollars but this screen cost me $50 in total.

and then there are the remotes.

going from left to right...CABLE TV programmable remote. the user interface on the Scientific Atlanta 2100 box is a complete disaster. I only use about four buttons on the remote (even volume is not one of them) - however since it is programmable it also serves as a remote for the Samsung VCR.

next one is the PROJECTOR. this one's pretty cool - although you can replicate all its functions on the projector unit itself it has an on/off backlight for the buttons (and the projector has IR sensors front and back.

we've already seen the next one - RIO - in car mp3 player. small and indistinguishable but at least it doesn't take up much space. can't figure out whether to keep it in the house or the car....or both

then we have the KEYSPAN USB - this is an IR remote for the laptop - it sends keystrokes - awesome toy. I used it to control winamp for months - until I got the empeg. Now the main use is for controlling winDVD

MIDILAND ADS 2000 - although used a lot in configuring the dolby digital speaker setup, this remote mainly gets used as a volume control - since all audio channels must pass through the ADS box (and incidentally neither of my amps has remote volume controls)

saving the best for last - the X10 RF remote is the only remote here that's not infrared. It sends an RF signal to a receiver upstairs in the house and controls my X10 blocks. the top row of on/off buttons control my bedside light, and the bottom row control 5 small lights (desk and floor) downstairs. this remote sits on my keyring and it means I never have to come home to a dark house, nor do I have to waste time turning lights on and off continuously.