on account of how I'm finally making vulcans...in fact today I almost flew around a spock for the first time - so the hits just keep on comin'

the photo on left (mid vulcan) is from kihei.

a few days after it was taken I finally finished the boom mount for the video camera so me and Andy Pusch took it out for a spin. it's still very much an experimental piece - but should provide us with some interesting angles.
I'll take some pictures of the mount soon to explain how it all works - but for now here are some shots from the first day - Andy sailing behind in our attempt to get some good tricks on video (we gave up on the standard lens quite quickly because it was not wide enough - interestingly we could fit the wide angle adapter into the case by removing the plastic button protector - all of these shots were taken with the 0.6x on the camera)

a little shaka, and G121 combs his hair on a broad reach...

a vulcan is a 180 degree board turn in midair - landing with your feet on the wrong side of the board (in the straps) - the photo sequence below shows the move more clearly...it will progress into a spock, spock 540 or diablo as I improve