felix (that's what I've named the truck - the number plates are on order and amusingly only cost $25 to get) is an 1989 Ford Ranger ExtraCab, with a couple of extra modifications

6 inch Skyjacker chassis lift
3 inch body lift
33 inch BF Goodrich AT KO tires
Stainless steel stepbar

it's a straight 6, 2.9L engine - which is a little weak for a 4x4 but it will be too expensive to replace - so I'll just change the gear ratios (since the stock ones are still in there).
will probably put on a 4.56.
the engine and body are in really good shape, it has power everything - the music system is currently only a cd player - but the rio car is on order.
all the windsurfing gear fits in the back easily - but the picture does not show the chrome mounting points we put on, for bungeeing down the boards at the back

here's another shot, this time with the mounting points visible.
it's great to have the extra cab as I keep gym kit, basketball kit, power tools, first aid kit, rollerblades and a clothing change in the back the whole time.
the aloha seat covers are also due any day now - photos to come.