what pays the rent, buys the food and buys the gas.
and of course all the little bits of metal rope and sail cloth that we actually have to use in this stupidly expensive sport.


It's interesting to note that my work patterns have changed very little despite being halfway around the world.

I am planning the future of online retail (my better judgment - and of course the threat of a lawsuit hanging over my head forbid me from mentioning the name of the client) however it makes no real difference at this point - it could be anyone

no one's done online fashion retail properly yet....hee hee

in any case - maui is 11 hours behind the UK so I can spend the whole day on the beach - be back home at 6pm when the wind dies - and still have 4 hours to complete a report for a 9am meeting in London.

make that meeting at lunch and I can fit a whole work day in


guess this brings a whole new meaning to the term mobile office